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Greetings! If you’re seeking the ultimate drawing tutorials for individuals of any age, I am here to equip you with the skills to draw and paint, regardless of your proficiency level. Allow me to acquaint you with my background.

Ever since my childhood, drawing and painting have been the driving force behind my creative passion. Even at a young age, during my third year of primary school, I recall effortlessly sketching scientific diagrams that earned me remarkable praise from my teacher. My unwavering devotion to honing my craft led to numerous accolades and awards.

Driven by my fervor for artistic expression, I resolved to pursue formal training in drawing and painting. I enrolled at Delhi College of Arts and Shankar’s Academy in Delhi, where my life transformed.

As a freelance artist, I designed illustrations for esteemed publishing houses like Oxford University Press and undertook various commissioned works, including portraits, landscapes, and Indian art for art collectors worldwide. Prior to devoting myself to art full-time, I served as a 3D Modeler/Texture Artist for a Gaming Company, and my journey persists.

It took me almost three decades to realize that attaining mastery of the arts without proper guidance is an arduous feat. With a desire to instruct beginners, children, and amateurs in easily comprehendible steps, I opted to impart my knowledge of art. Several of my students have already benefited from my tutelage.

My mission is now to provide art education to young prodigies in India and beyond. Through my Art Education Scholarship Programs, I will lead them towards the correct path and aid them in pursuing careers in art. Many parents remain unaware of the potential art holds for their children. We must join hands to foster the next generation’s best artists, animators, illustrators, and more.