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2 Days Painting Offline Art Workshops


Drawing is a creative and expressive form of visual art where artists use various tools and techniques to create beautiful paintings on a two-dimensional surface, such as paper, canvas,. It involves the use of lines, shapes, tones, and colors to represent objects, ideas, or emotions.

Art as a therapy

Art functions as a form of therapy, providing a soothing outlet that can bring tranquility to your mind and help you find mental clarity. It can be a valuable source of solace for individuals coping with stress and navigating challenging periods in their lives.

Art to make friends

Our goal is to gather people with similar interests so they can exchange thoughts and feel like they belong. You'll have the chance to meet new people who enjoy art, build friendships, and create lasting memories to treasure.

Buddha Inspired Acrylic Canvas Painting 

lord-buddha-painting artworkshop

Focus on developing fundamental skills and knowledge. Discover Various Art Forms and Techniques:, Experiment with your interest, Reason for creating.

And just a will to learn and get better through regular practice.

Just a will to learn and get better through regular practice.

Let’s Follow the Rules

Terms & conditions

Drawing & Painting For Beginner/Art Enthusiasts

  • Age Limit: 16+ years.
  • Ticket booked for a particular day and slot will only be applicable for the same.
  • Entry will only be permissible for the day and time slot mentioned.
  • Once booked, tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged.
  • The ticket will not be redeemable for any other future event.
  • Children will not be permitted to accompany their parents.
  • Children older than 16+ years will only be permissible with a separate ticket.
  • Walk-in tickets will not be availed by the organizers.
  • Tickets are non-transferable, only the holder of the ticket will be permitted to the session.
  •  Ticket refund is applicable only in situations of natural calamities.
  • Required materials and supplies will be provided by the organizers of the workshop.

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